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May 24, 2018 in Weddings

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Spring weddings from this past April! Victoria is originally from NYC, and Cooper is a Maryland guy! However, they met in Bangkok, Thailand! After graduating from Loyola (Baltimore), they moved there to teach at a high school. They lived and worked there for a year, but it only took about three weeks until they became close. That was in 2011! They traveled to the Philippines, Hong Kong, and many, many beautiful beaches while they lived in Thailand. They moved back to America in 2012, and have been through a lot since then, moving across state lines, graduate school, unemployment, illness, concerts, fun trips, and many other fun and wonderful experiences! A lifetime’s worth of “stuff” which has helped them grow together. Cooper proposed in November 2016 during a hike at Patuxent State Park, and they celebrated with a dinner at Momofuku in DC (Asian food is their passion)!

They originally planned to have their wedding at Church and Company. However the venue shut down only a few months before their wedding date! Many couples in the Baltimore area were impacted by the venue’s closing and groups on social media formed to support those impacted. Baltimore Center Stage came to the rescue and provided an incredible space right next to the heart of Mount Vernon Baltimore. Their tallVictoria and Cooper’s day was filled with warm hugs, floral dresses, temporary tattoos, and an ice cream truck!! (Yes, a freaking ice cream truck!!) Here are some of my favorite frames from their wedding story:

Thank you to the incredible vendors who made this day possible!:

Hair/ Make-up: Haute Bar

Florist: Lucky Penny Floral

Photography: Baltimore Maryland Wedding Photographer Kate Ann Photography 

Photography Assistance: Sarah Patarini

DJ: DJ Biltomore (from Integral DJs)

Caterer: Eleven Courses

Gown designer/retailer: Garnish Boutique

Jewelry: Anthropologie

Invitations: Zazzle

Transportation: Z Best Worldwide 

Wedding Cake or Dessert: Momofuku Milkbar & Miss Twist Ice Cream Truck

Other notable vendors and/or DIY details: Blueberry hairpiece

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