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November 16, 2016 in For Photographers

Hey folks! I am excited to start a new series of blog post titled The Redwood Collective! These post will focus on educating fellow photographers who desire to grow together in their craft and community. When I was starting out 7 years ago I googled every question I had and sometimes didn’t find the best answers. I would watch You Tube videos and read articles that were muddy with disorganized information. I want to create posts that are easy to digest for all of my friends who are passionate about learning the ins and outs of wedding photography. 

Why the name “The Redwood Collective”?

When I visited California for a wedding editorial last year I was in awe of the massive Sequoia Redwood trees. These trees can become 275 feet tall with a diameter of 25 feets! (holy moly) Their roots only grow 6-12 feet and yet these tall majestic beauties rarely fall over. How can these 500 ton trees stand tall with only roots that gown down about 10 feet? Sharing. The Redwood trees’ roots intertwine and interconnect to ensure that each tree is supported. They share their strength and nutrients with one another. This connects perfectly with my vision for this photography education series. I believe that our community is strengthened when we share with one another. I am a strong advocate for community over competition! (even though I have struggled with jealousy folks) I desire to create a space that is open for questions and free of judgement. A place where we can grow and support each other. Let’s build a forest together. 

For my first post I will be diving into my gear bag! I shoot a canon system with 7 different prime lenses:

Canon 135mm 2.0

Canon 100mm 2.8

Sigma 85mm 1.4

Canon 50mm 1.2

Canon 45mm tse 2.8

Canon 35mm 1.4

Sigma 24mm 1.4

(I also own a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 but I rarely use it so I didn’t include it in this post.)

Prime lenses are fixed in focal length but create sharp images with beautiful bokeh backgrounds. Since I only use prime lenses it helps to photograph with 2 camera bodies. This way I can have 2 focal lengths on me at all times. (I will go over the camera bodies I use later in this post.) I use a Shoot Sac bag to carry the lenses I need. This bag helps me grab what I need with ease and is comfortable to wear. I have had this bag for years and could not photograph a wedding without it! 

kates-gear-2017-2_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo kates-gear-2017-1_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo


My absolute favorite lens is my Canon 45mm f/2.8 tilt shift. This lens literally bends planes of focus to create a dreamy blur effect. This isn’t an afterthought preset. It is an intentional in camera effect that I use for many of my landscape shots. It also creates awesome sun flare effects!

kates-gear-2017-8_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo emily-and-joshs-wedding-359final-_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo ashley-and-wills-wedding-413_baltimore-maryland-wedding-photographer-forest-earthy-annapolis-washington-d-c-photo sundas-and-scotts-engagement-92_baltimore-washington-d-c-waterfall-kilgore-engagement-session-maxi-dress-earthy-maryland-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-phot

murray-hill-wedding-leesburg-virginia-by-baltimore-washington-dc-photographer-kate-ann-photpgraphy-photo_0078 cylburn-arboretum-baltimore-maryland-earthy-boho-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-photo_0253
Organic - Natural - Hipster - Engagement - Session by - Baltimore - Wedding - Photographer - Kate - Ann - Photography_0972


My Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens is used to capture rings shots. I honestly only really use it for photographing jewelry but it could also serve as a back-up lens for ceremonies if something happen to my 135mm or 70-200mm.

kates-gear-2017-25_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-maryland-photography-earthy-boho-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-photo_0029


The Canon 135mm f/2.0 is money for ceremonies! It is sharp and creates STUNNING bokeh backgrounds. The 2.0 aperture allows me to soak up more light than my 70-200mm. This is key for church ceremonies or dark days.

kates-gear-2017-3_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo ashley-and-wills-wedding-460_baltimore-maryland-wedding-photographer-forest-earthy-annapolis-washington-d-c-photo



I use a Sigma 85mm f/1.4 for portraits, the first dance, and toast! This lens focuses faster than the Canon version and creates smooth bokeh. It helps give your images an editorial look. I also use this lens to create make my brenizer panoramas! (more info on this in a later blog post!)

kates-gear-2017-4 fred-kate-pan-final-_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photobaltimore-maryland-forest-sunset-engagement-session-red-dress-annapolis-kate-ann-photography-photo_0098 cylburn-arboretum-baltimore-maryland-earthy-boho-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-photo_0239


My Canon 50mm f/1.2 is my most versatile lens. I can use it for any section of the wedding day. If you’re trying to figure out which lens to buy first then go with this one! It also creates creamy skin tones and smooth bokeh.


ashley-and-wills-wedding-382_baltimore-maryland-wedding-photographer-forest-earthy-annapolis-washington-d-c-photo 072a8256jill-and-brians-wedding-story-274_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photoBaltimore - Maryland - In- Home - Engagement - Session - Hipster - by - Wedding - Photographer - Kate - Ann - Photography - Photo_0026



The Canon 35mm f/1.4 is perfect for those tight getting ready spaces and is a must-have for receptions! This lens is quick to focus and I can trust it to capture movement well. It is a wide-angle lens and therefore is great for capturing landscapes.

ashley-will-sneak-2 murray-hill-wedding-leesburg-virginia-by-baltimore-washington-dc-photographer-kate-ann-photpgraphy-photo_0117 canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-maryland-photography-earthy-boho-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-photo_0025 cylburn-arboretum-baltimore-maryland-earthy-boho-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-photo_0243 jill-and-brians-wedding-story-100_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo murray-hill-wedding-leesburg-virginia-by-baltimore-washington-dc-photographer-kate-ann-photpgraphy-photo_0120


Honestly, I rarely use my Sigma 24mm f/1.4. I sometimes break it out on the dance floor or use it for big family formal at the reception. It is nice to have a wide lens just incase I find myself in a tight space.

canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-maryland-photography-earthy-boho-wedding-photographer-kate-ann-photography-photo_0028 ashley-and-wills-wedding-893_baltimore-maryland-wedding-photographer-forest-earthy-annapolis-washington-d-c-photo


I have three Canon 600 Ex-rt Speedlites that I use for the reception. I put one on a light stand for some off camera flash action. (more on OCF in a future post) . I attach a battery pack for my flash to help it fire consistently. I have both a Bolt and Canon brand battery pack and I have not noticed a difference between the two.

kates-gear-2017-11_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo kates-gear-2017-10_canon-5d-mark-iv-gear-bag-baltimore-annapolis-washington-d-c-maryland-wedding-photographer-earthy-boho-kate-ann-photography-photo 

I currently have three camera bodies! I use my Holdfast dual strap to photograph with two bodies throughout the day. The third body is purely just a back-up. I love shooting with two bodies because it allows me to have a wide angle and telephoto on me at all times. I bought the Canon 5D mark IV 2 months ago and have been IN LOVE. The camera has done nothing but impress me with the ISO range and fancy touch screen. I would highly recommend the upgrade.



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Awesome post, and love the heart behind it!! You said you prefer the sigma 85mm to canon, any thoughts on comparing the 50mm canon vs sigma? Also drooling over that 135…

    I haven’t yet compared the Canon and Sigma 50mm but I have heard great things about the art series. Since I need a lens that is quick to focus to capture fleeting moments I am going to use a Sigma 85mm over the Canon version. If I was strictly an editorial photographer that would be a different story. My Canon 50L focuses fast and I have not had an issue with it!

    Also the 135mm is money! I highly suggest it!

So fun to see what you use and how you do it! Looking forward to more of these posts in the future.

Love this look into your bag! I’m always curious about what other photogs use :) the tilt shift definitely has me intrigued!

LOVE seeing the way you use these lenses. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This is so great! I love the name and heart behind this series! Can’t wait to see more :)