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November 21, 2017 in Weddings

I felt like I walked through the wardrobe and entered into Narnia during Liam and Gaby’s Great Falls engagement session. I had so much fun exploring these rocky texture that lie right outside of Washington DC. Gaby and Liam’s vintage coats and freaking adorable love also added to the magic.

This is their love story from Gaby perspective:

“My friend from college sang in an a Capella group with Liam. I had mentioned in passing to her and another friend that I thought he was cute. They both immediately jumped at the opportunity to set us up! On our first date, we met up at the collegetown shuttle and rode the free bus (an actual yellow school bus) downtown to Red Emma’s. We were both nervous, and it was a very awkward date. He didn’t eat, and I bought myself a sandwich that I barely touched. On the ride back, we started to loosen up and really connected with one another. Once we got back to campus, we watched David Lynch movies and cuddled for the rest of the night. As they say, the rest is history!

Before we met officially, we had a serendipitous encounter…

A couple months earlier, my friend asked me to play the keyboard in his band. I was a little familiar with playing, but I definitely needed some practice before going on stage. I played my cheap little keyboard every night in my dorm room. I was totally embarrassed that the whole floor could hear me fumbling around with my songs. In my frustration, I drew a picture of a keyboard broken in half on the whiteboard on my door, which was usually reserved for messages to friends. The next day, someone had written the lyrics to Engine by Neutral Milk Hotel under the keyboard drawing. I was convinced that it was my ex-boyfriend messing with me. Months after we were dating, I found out that it was Liam who had written the message, explaining that he thought the drawing was cute, but cryptic, and thought whoever drew the broken keyboard might appreciate the lyrics to his favorite song.”

I can’t wait to see these two again at their Chesapeake Bay Foundation wedding next year! Enjoy this little escape into Narnia folks:

Photographs by Washington DC Wedding Photographer Kate Ann Photography.

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