Lucia & Alex | Gramercy Mansion | Baltimore, Maryland

October 20, 2016 in Weddings

Today I am sharing Alex and Lucia’s garden Baltimore wedding at Gramercy Mansion! Here is their love story gtom Lucia’s perspective: “We met back in high school. Although he went to a different high school than I, he was helping backstage at the Fall Musical that I was in. I was walking down the hallway and I heard beautiful piano music being played in one of the rooms. Being a piano player myself, I was drawn to the music. There he was playing his heart out with no sheet music to be found. I sat beside him and listened in awe. After that night, we didn’t talk to one another or see one another again until I found him on Facebook a month later. We started chatting via Facebook and he asked me to come ice skating with him and some friends. Of course, I didn’t think this was a date and didn’t want to seem clingy so I hung out with all of his friends which totally bummed him out!! At the end of the night, we cleared up the confusion and said goodbye with a nice peck kiss. The rest is history. Both Alex and my sister’s boyfriend (now fiance) were planning on proposing on the same day in front of our family! If they hadn’t talked to my parents, our proposals would have been 2 minutes apart from each other. Alex wanted Luke to have his original plan so he started planning something else. One day, I was at home studying for a doula course and a package came in the mail in a big box. I signed for it and let Alex know that a package came for him and that I put it on his desk. Thirty minutes later, I hear the door open and he runs in and is crying! I thought something horrible had happened. He grabs my face and exclaims ” I couldn’t wait any longer! I just stood up and left work without telling anyone. That package has your engagement ring in it and I couldn’t deal with it being here and you not having it.” Of course, I start crying at this point!! We open the package and he declares his love for me, gets on one knee, and asks me to marry him! At this point I tackle him in a giant hug and go through a similar reaction change like in Tangled. One second I was jumping up and down yelling “We’re getting married! We’re getting married!” and another I would stop in my tracks and realize how huge that is be like “Oh my goodness. We are getting married. Oh my goodness.” These two are madly in love! It was a joy to capture every tender hug and belly laugh. I also can not wait to document her sister’s wedding next year!


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