• Trusted Resource
    01. Trusted Resource
    I've been photographing weddings for almost 10 years!

    Back in college, we had to interview a small business. As an art student who wanted to create meaningful work, I chatted with a wedding photographer. Soon after, I was her second photographer and then I was photographing my own weddings! I’ve learned a lot after 10 years and I’m here to pass that knowledge onto you. Are you feeling excited but overwhelmed, and like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing? I’m here to help make your day stress-free as we collaborate to create images that remind you what matters most.

  • Artful Photojournalist
    02. Artful Photojournalist
    Candid images that make you feel

    My all-time favorite class for my major was photojournalism. (My professor ended up offering to purchase a piece from my final project. It’s truly a moment I’ll never forget!)

    My goal is to tell your story through artfully composed candid photographs. This starts with learning what matters most to you! Are you super close with your mom? Are you excited to spend the morning with your best friends? Have you been dreaming about your first dance with your boo since before you were engaged? I collect all the goods in my wedding questionnaire and use it to tell your story with each candid.

  • Stress-free Portraits
    03. Stress-free Portraits
    Say buh bye to cheesy stiff portraits!

    I use a lot of prompts and games to help you focus on your amazing connection with your partner and to create natural movement. I want your portraits to feel like a fun, heartfelt, and meaningful experience.


  • Your Hype Queen
    04. Your new artsy best friend
    My love language is words of affirmation.

    Which is how I show love as well! I’m here to shower you with encouragement during your wedding, elopement, and portrait session. Think of me as your artsy best friend!

Hey! I'm Kate!

I met my husband Tony at a wedding! He was a guest, I was the photographer. We left at the same time and happened to be parked next to one another. We went out for coffee three days later and now we’re engaged and live together in historic Ellicott City with our kitty, Magritte. We believe in having a dang good time and for us that means concerts, tacos, boba tea, Harry Potter movie marathons, and enjoying the outdoors.

My husbandTony!
Concerts! This is me seeing the National
My sweet kitty Magritte
Taco Bell
Boba Tea

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