Jennifer & Ryan

June 2024
Baltimore, Maryland

Jennifer and Ryan,

I am incredibly honored and grateful to be considered as your wedding photographer. I promise to show up for you wholly, to hustle for you, and to be deeply committed to the photos you’re trusting me to capture!

Your wedding celebration is going to have spirit and intention … just like your relationship. Your images should have those things too.

From the music crescendo as you lock eyes down the aisle, to the candlelit ambiance intermixing with everyone’s energy, everything on your wedding day will feel close and meaningful. The things that matter to you? The warmth in the room. Whether you have 30 people or 150, your wedding will be executed with nothing but intention.

And I’m here to capture the intimacy you were so intentional to create. The intimacy that brings out the best in all of you. You and your partner. Your family and your friends. Of everyone that’s lucky enough to be invited into the special world you two have built together.




Somewhere along the line, “candids” became fake laughter, directed moments, and uncomfy posing cues – photographers recreating the same images with every couple. HARD PASS. Let’s do what comes naturally to you and amplify your love and the fun you’re already having. Most of the day will be captured through true, unstaged micro-moments. Then, during portraits, I will gently guide you and probably throw out silly and sentimental suggestions just to get your unique reaction.

Psst! If you’re down, we can even get artsy and experiment a little!

Kate Ann Photography
Kate Ann Photography
"What sets Kate apart is her ability to capture emotions authentically and artistically. "

-Faith & Eric, 2023 Bride & Groom

When you work with me, you're getting

When you work with me, you're getting

  • An artist who has mastered light and knows how to capture meaningful moments during every part of your day.
  • Multiple photojournalistic perspectives during your biggest moments (ceremony, toasts, speeches, special dances) .
  • A photographer with a dedicated support team to ensure the fluidity of your experience.
  • 10 years worth of resources and wedding industry experience to help guide you.
  • A professional who works tirelessly but unobtrusively to capture all the moments that seem like a blur to you when you’re having the best day of your life.