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Fall LGBTQ District Winery Wedding

Fall LGBTQ District Winery Wedding

Casey & Chris
  • Location: Washington D.C.
  • Category: Weddings

Sometimes, you just have to roll with life’s punches and get creative about what you thought your wedding was going to look like. 

Whether it’s a venue that fell through, an important family member that couldn’t attend, or maybe something like a worldwide lockdown, it pays to be a little bit flexible with your dreams and your wedding plans!

Casey and Chris are an excellent example of this as a couple who decided to elope and seal the deal, but then put off having a big celebration at District Winery in Washington D.C. until it was a bit safer for their friends and family to all come together. 

Good things come to those who wait, right? Even when it feels like it takes a gazillion years (I may or may not have felt the same way about my own wedding).

These two met in Washington, D.C. after being introduced by one of their closest mutual friends. The instant spark between Casey and Chris was apparent, and they started dating almost immediately. 

The couple discovered a shared love of Jeopardy, traveling the world, doing New York Times Spelling Bee puzzles together, cooking (and eating of course), and over time, even built up an ever-growing family of plants. When they checked in with me, the number was somewhere up around 35! Goals.

After building a beautiful life together, the pair decided they didn’t want to wait any longer to get married and eloped in a small private ceremony, knowing they’d bring everyone together at a later date.

With a little extra time to plan their District Winery wedding reception, Casey and Chris set about scoping out their complementary Red and Blue bespoke suits and ties, and putting all their energy into creating an absolutely lively and unforgettable celebration for their loved ones who hadn’t been together in ages. 

They were looking forward to finally raising a glass and cutting loose with loved ones who couldn’t be with them while they said their i-dos, and were determined to have a heartwarming, memorable, and high-energy night filled with toasts,plenty of dancefloor antics, and lots of Whitney Houston songs.

So, nearly a whole year after they eloped, Casey and Chris’ closest friends and family gathered in DC to celebrate their grooms. 

There were babies in suits, first dances to Kacey Musgrave’s “Golden Hour”, heartfelt toasts, joy-filled reunions, and an evening positively bursting with love. 

District Winery hosted this stunning LBGTQ+ wedding with all the class and modern elegance I’ve come to expect from this chic venue with waterfront views. The team at District Winery always knows how to bring sophistication without sacrificing comfort and they put on a gorgeous event. 

Thank you Casey and Chris for welcoming me into your delightful circle of loved ones, it was an honor to be your wedding photographer. 

Thank you to all the vendors!

Photography: Kate Ann Photography

Photography Assistance: Tony Mendiola

Venue: District Winery

Planner: Brittany Lamback- District Winery

Music: Dan Goldman

Grooms Suits: Suit Supply

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