Photography & Business Education

I believe in running a life-giving business.

Do you need help…

Creating cohesive wedding galleries that you love?

Booking your dream clients?

Making efficient workflows?

Meeting financial goals and saving for retirement?

Providing a client experience that leads to glowing reviews?

I gotcha! After almost ten years in the photography industry, I’ve learned a bunch and I’m here to share it with you!

My Story

My Story

I started as an artist who believed that just having great images will bring in a bunch of clients. Hot dang was I wrong! Through trial and error I have found the best ways to serve clients well, create work that I’m proud of, build efficiency in my business, and make six figures. I photographed my first wedding in 2011, made my business official in 2013, and went full time in 2014. I worked through my weaknesses (hello dyslexia) and leaned into my strengths to build a financially successful live-giving business. I am in a position to help others reach their photography and entrepreneurial goals!

I specialize in portfolio and website audits, editing, creating images that stand out, brand development, marketing to your dream client, efficient workflows, and building a financially successful business.

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“I have been following Kate Ann’s work since I was at college at Loyola. Her work really inspired me to pursue wedding photography. I remember looking at her website my freshman year of college saying to myself, “Hey I really want to take photographs like that” Not only are her images so crisp but she is an incredible storyteller. I have been growing my wedding photography business for a few years now, and always looking for guidance and mentorship. When I heard Kate Ann was offering photography mentorship I knew I had to jump on it right away. Over the past few months I have learned a tremendous amount of wedding photography and running a small business. She did a photography critique the first session and I was blown away. I haven’t had my wedding photography critiqued ever and she really nailed it. Her sessions have really shown me how I can improve my business and what I should be doing to get more clients. Kate Ann has an incredible eye for body language and she cares tremendously about her mentees and her clients. You can tell how much work she puts in for all over clients. She truly cares so much about the art she is creating for clients. I am so happy that I invested in this 6 month mentorship. If someone was on the fence about hiring Kate Ann I would say that they shouldn’t hesitate at all and that they should book right away. Honestly, I might invest again to do another 6 months with her because I really enjoy learning from her. I have learned a tremendous amount from her and I know we will stay in contact in the future. Thank you Kate so much for helping me so far! I am so excited for our last two sessions that we have together!” – Margeret