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May 28, 2013 in Personal, Travel

This is a blog post I have wanted to do for a while but needed some time to reflect on my London experience. I wanted some space to realize what I truly missed about London. My findings? I miss the ample amount of opportunities London offered. I could whisk away to a new play or museum any day. I miss the submersion of fashion I experience. The street style in London proved quite inspirational every day. The vintage stores were to die for! I miss my retreats to Hyde park. I miss walking down energetic oxford street. I miss J5 on the tube. I miss  devouring a burrito at  Benito’s Hat. Finally, I miss my London family! All of the girls that taught me so much and helped me grow as an artist and as a person. I am very thankful for this experience and I hope that I can return one day!

These first few images are instant film shots from my last day in London. Followed by all of my photography and videography work I produced at the London College of Fashion!

♥ Kate

marble arch
Marble Arch. This sat at the end of my road. I ♥ Edgware Road! LCOF The middle of Oxford Circus. You can see the London College of Fashion in this shot.
hyde park swan The swans in Hyde Park constantly took my breath away! hyde park flowersThese are some of the flowers that started to bloom in Hyde Park right before I left.
last tube ride This is a photo of my last entrance into the London Underground. My last tube ride was from Piccadilly circus to Edgware Road.

Here is my final project from my styling class! Shot on a cold day in Abney Cemetery with Model Julia Shaprio.
1st duo

2nd duo

3rd duo

And finally here is my final for my Fashion Image Creation course. The project is titled Daydream: An Unconscious Love Story. The piece had to feature six photographs and a 2 minute film. The project was inspired by the long distance relationship I had while I was in London.

Here is the film:[vimeo w=500&h=281]

Here are the photographs that go along with the film:

Katherine Morris final web-3

Katherine Morris final web-4

Katherine-Morris final web-2

Katherine-Morris final web -6

Katherine Morris final web-5

London you will alway be in my heart ;)

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Wow. This looks like it was such an amazing opportunity! Your photos of London definitely make me want to go back.

Oh wow this is amazing! I adore the video and the movement. Well done

I adore the upclose bridal shot!!! <3 Your video was lovely, I also really like m83!

Makes me want to visit right away! Great shots!