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During my spring break I had the pleasure of visiting my good friends Josh and Gagan in Rome! Josh and Gagan are studying at the American University of Rome for a semester. It was surreal to see my friends in a different country ! They were amazing hosts, showing me the best Rome had to offer!
Italy was pleasantly relaxed compared to London. Italian meals are not only delicious but last at least an hour or two. During my stay I also became addicted to Gelato. One day I ate the creamy treat three times, often wearing it on my face.
I was swept up by the delicate Roman architecture. The Forum was my favorite spot. I enjoyed how the ruins met the natural world. The weather during my stay was a lovely change of pace from London. Most days the sun warmed my face.
I will never forget my time in Rome! Thanks to my wonderful friends! I can not wait to see them again when we all return to the United States!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip!


CoverPhotoRomeThe Colosseum !
Rome-71Rome-79Rome-80Rome-45St. Peter’s Basilica
Rome-31Rome-28Rome-24Rome-26The Vatican
Rome-18Rome-9Rome-81My favorite images of my trip came from the Roman Forum !
Rome-56Rome-53Rome-51Rome-52Rome-57Rome-62Rome-66Rome-64Rome-67Rome-68Rome-69Rome-70Spanish Steps!
Rome-39Rome-40The last night we went to the Trevi Fountain! It was the perfect ending :)

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This trip looks absolutely amazing! The art and architecture is incredible! I hope to visit Rome one day!

Wow, Kate! This is all so gorgeous! I have major trip envy :)

Beautiful photos!! And now I miss Italy. :-( Can’t wait to go back!!

Oh my gosh Kate this looks so amazing! I’m dying to go.

Oh I miss it so much! Rome is so beautiful and so are your photos. I especially like #80 and #28.