Sabina's 50th Birthday Dinner

June 15th, 2024
Salamander Resort

What's important to you:

  • You’re looking forward to seeing the candid moments captured.
  • You want individual and group images looking your best with your dearest friends.
  • You’re looking forward to the food and want that captured. 
  • You love the beauty of the venue and want elements of the space documented.

"we are awkward.
But my, oh, my – Kate worked her magic!!"

- Margi and James, Bride and Groom



“After flipping through her galleries and blogs, I remember thinking there is no way our photos can turn out this good…we are awkward. But my, oh, my – Kate worked her magic!!… My then-fiancé and I were transformed from two relatively camera-shy individuals to a couple just genuinely enjoying loving on each other while a friend takes a snap.”

– Margi and James, Bride and Groom

Their wedding was featured on the cover of Baltimore Weddings!

Option 1
Kate Ann Photography
Option 1
Kate Ann Photography
Option 1
  • 3 hours of event day coverage
  • Sneak peeks images within one week of event date
  • 70-100 images per hour


Option 2
Kate Ann Photography
Option 2
Kate Ann Photography
Option 2
  • 2.5 hours of event day coverage
  • Sneak peeks images within one week of event date
  • 70-100 images per hour


"Hire Kate if you want people to tell you for the next year "Oh my God your wedding photos were amazing!!""

– James, 2023 Groom

Oh my God
your wedding photos were amazing!
How we operate:
How we operate:
How we operate:

How we operate:

Capture what you value.

I provide a tailored experience.

Confession: I kinda hate small talk. I’m someone that wants to dive in with people – cut right to the heart. I love capturing weddings because they are a window into documenting the intimacy and delicate intricacies of relationships. With a camera in hand, I can engage in something so meaningful.

Leading up to your wedding, I will take the time to get to know you to better understand what matters to you. Every wedding is different, because everyone is different. By building a more personal relationship, I have space to engage in your wedding day – empathy first. With 11 years of experience as a wedding photographer and more than 250 weddings captured, you can count on me to guide you through the day with comfort and ease. The end result? A gorgeous photo–that you can feel.

I believe the best art is made in collaboration.

I provide intentional communication to prepare for your day.

Your experience is everything. It’s not just the wedding, it’s the entire season of planning, dreaming and bringing to life a vision with the one you love. The best art is made in collaboration. With your planner taking charge of the logistical and design intricacies, we can dedicate our undivided attention to capturing the essence of your event. I will work with you and your planner as needed so you can fully immerse yourselves in the joy of your wedding day. And have the photos to prove it.

It's more than pretty pictures.

Regardless of how gorgeous the images turn out, you’re going to remember how you felt in those moments. That’s why I’ll make sure we craft an enjoyable and stress-free experience together, that meets you exactly where you are. I’ll help you do breathing exercises to keep you two in the present moment, make space for you to be as vulnerable as you would be within the walls of your home, and let you slip into a world where you’ll forget I’m there.

I let the moment naturally happen.

After delivering a gallery to my couples, I always smile when I learn which images are their favorites. It’s almost always a moment I captured from just being patient and intuitive. The best moments are the ones that happen naturally. I will be there to provide guidance when you need it, and also hold back from directing a moment when appropriate–so you can fully, experience the day.

The best moments—the ones you’re going to want to remember—are the ones where you are present and soaking in how you got here. I’ll honor those moments without interference, while capturing it for you.


You don’t want copy, paste poses we’re here to capture something new. 

Somewhere along the line, “candids” became fake laughter, directed moments, and uncomfy posing cues – photographers recreating the same images with every couple. HARD PASS. Let’s do what comes naturally to you and amplify your love and the fun you’re already having. Most of the day will be captured through true, unstaged micro-moments. Then, during portraits, I will gently guide you to look your best and probably throw out fun and sentimental suggestions just to get your unique reaction.

Psst! If you’re interested, we can even get artsy and experiment a little.

I'm selective about the individuals I choose for my team.

My spouse and I have collaborated on 110 weddings, establishing an unparalleled trust that I extend to you for your special day. Should your event necessitate additional photographers, rest assured that I am selective, prioritizing those whose portfolios I genuinely admire, rather than merely fulfilling contractual obligations with any available individual.

I believe your story expands beyond the two of you.

I am inspired by the little moments that tell big stories.

Throughout your wedding day, there are micro-stories happening all around you. When you look through your gallery, there will be blissfully familiar moments and others that you get to experience for the first time. You’ll be able to feel the shoulder squeeze of your grandma and hear the laughter between your siblings.

Let’s tell the entire story of your wedding day as fully as it was lived.

-Jess, 2023 Bride

Kate Ann Photography
Kate Ann Photography
"What sets Kate apart is her ability to capture emotions authentically and artistically. "

-Faith & Eric, 2023 Bride & Groom

Frequently Asked Questions


Take it from my past clients. They describe my style as: artistic, organic, timeless, cozy, emotional, and grounding. Those vibes come from my photojournalistic approach and creative portraiture, complemented by true to color edits.


I’m more than happy to help with your custom photography timeline and vendor recommendations, but having a dedicated planner is truly invaluable! In order for me and my team to be able to focus on taking images and documenting your story well, you will need a wedding planner.


I am currently located in the Maryland and Washington D.C. area. I am passport-ready to go anywhere!


Your digital high-resolution edited photographs will be delivered via an online gallery where you can download the images and share them with family/friends. You will also receive a printing release for personal use of the images. This allows you to print the images at any photo lab of your choice and use the images online.


For your family/friend formals, yes absolutely! For the rest of your photos, I ask you to fill out an in-depth questionnaire to help me understand your values and what matters most to you, so I can authentically document your day as it naturally unfolds.

Below are links to Full Galleries!

I think it’s important for you to view multiple full galleries of my work that go beyond curated grids! Every couple has different values and priorities on their day, which is reflected in their gallery. Take a look below to see what differing amounts of wedding day coverage looks like.

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