What Kate Ann Wears: Photographing a Wedding

March 19, 2015 in For Photographers, Personal

I have always enjoyed getting dressed in the morning and love putting unique outfits together. Early on in my photography journey I wanted to shoot fashion. I even studied fashion photography for a semester in London. However, soon after that I fell in love with documenting weddings and have never looked back.

Today I am starting a series in which I will be bringing my personal style to the blog! One thing I struggled with when I first started shooting weddings was “What do I wear!?” First and foremost you should dress for your brand. I shoot a lot of weddings that center around the great outdoors, so whimsical summer dresses have alway been a great fit. I alway try to find a dress that extends from my collarbone to my knees. Medium length dresses with a high neckline look professional and are easy to work in. I never wear necklaces on a wedding day because they get caught in my camera strap. (My cameras are my bling!) 

The dress featured below is a great length and cut for my body. I love the fun color blocking and light airy fabric! My shoes are a sandal-boot hybrid. They cover like a boot, which is great for trucking through the forest, but have slits like a sandal, which is perfect for those warm summer days! I purchased this dress on the sale rack at Anthropologie and I ordered the shoes online at Urban Outfitters.

Thank you Jenna from Pop the Cork Designs for helping me out with these pictures! 

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1) Your outfit is perfect + so are you 2) That light is everything 3) Jenna, you’re quite the photographer these days!

Wow love your outfit! Gorgeous sunny portraits!

You look gorgeous, friend!! I love Anthropologie for dresses to wear to weddings… They almost always are modest enough and have pockets!! Thanks for sharing!!

Gorgeous dress and you are so right about dressing for your brand!


Such a pretty outfit! It totally struggle with what to wear on wedding days. Usually settle for something black. Time to add some color! :)

I love that dress!!! I always go black and definitely feel that this inspires me to add some color.

Absolutely LOVE the dress & the lighting! You are lovely.

Love this Kate! You have the BEST style!!

excellent advice about what to wear for photographers! “dress for your brand”

great dress!! love that you updated your bio pic with a new photo from this post. I Love anthro, I find my best dresses there!! comfy, cute, and practical… just gotta make sure they are not dry-clean only!!