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Wyndridge Farm Wedding Photos | PA Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Wyndridge Farm Wedding Photos | PA Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Seth & Vidhi
  • Location: Wyndrigde Farm, PA
  • Date: 03.12.20
  • Category: Weddings

Hello folks! Today I am sharing some of my favorite Wyndridge farm wedding photos from Seth and Vidhi’s wedding story!

But first, you have to hear their adorable love story!

“Seth’s first text to me was a typo. I chuckled and liked him instantly. Books of text later he asked me on a date, a piano concerto. His right amount of realness and pretentiousness got me curious. That evening we hung out for seven straight hours. It was the longest, most beautiful date I had ever been on. Stories, waves of laughter, hours of conversation later, I knew we had set the bar of a first date so high, there was no turning back.

He was kind, honest, adventurous and so real. We had different backgrounds and interests but similar hopes and dreams. Oh man, were we dreamy!

He believes, on our second date, he knew he wanted to marry me. I took a few days more. I remember a late night in NY; we were walking back to the hotel after a romantic dinner. The streets were empty; it was quite. We were fashionably tipsy with the cocktails and utterly intoxicated with each other. He looked me in the eyes and told me he was falling for me, and I knew it in my heart that I felt the same. We kept walking, and I have never looked back since.

Falling deeply in love with this gorgeous man and dreaming about our lives together was easy, it was the ‘how’ that needed some work.

We have always been practical and authentic with each other. We knew we were from different parts of the world, and us getting together would require some convincing, to the family, and frankly ourselves. There were so many questions. We did what we do best, we talked, about everything, till there were no more questions left but one.

Until that one night. He planned this lovely surprise party at this tiny hole in the wall bar, where we had our second date. There was music, fairy lights, cocktails, laughter, tears, and people we loved to share it with.

It was perfect! Minutes before everyone arrived, he went down on his knees and said, “… I have been thinking about this… I should ask you to marry me, so….?” He planned and he planned and forgot what he was going to say. In between tears, I whispered, “yes.”
He had had me at the typo.”

Here are some of my favorite Wyndridge Farm wedding photos from their incredible day: 

Wyndridge Farm Wedding

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Photography: Kate Ann Photography


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